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On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 9:09 AM, <SNTZT-BeddingtonSouth@met.pnn.police.uk> wrote:

Good Afternoon,
I have been passed your details by the Wallington North SNT Team,
I am currently assisting in trying to get a Volunteer Community Speedwatch up and running for the Borough of Sutton,
The basic idea is that there is one or two members of the community that are the Coordinators.
The Coordinators will be able to organise a time and date with a few of the volunteers in their area and collect a speed gun from Sutton Police Station and will then go to a location that has been risk assessed by the police.
The group will then spend an hour or so (or however long they have that day) watching the cars with the speed camera and noting down the speeds/times/vehicle make/model/registration number etc etc.
The Coordinator will then feed back a list of the offending vehicles to the police and a warning letters system can be used for the drivers of the vehicles which are doing over a certain percentage of the speed limit.
There will be training given by us for use of the camera and the process etc. We are still working out the details of how it might work, so at the moment we are just trying to get volunteers together and especially any volunteers who think they may be able to take on the role of a Coordinator.
Is this anything that you might be interested in at all or are you aware of any neighbours or friends who live in Sutton who may wish to get involved?
Kind Regards,
PC Dudas 128ZT
Dedicated Ward Officer
Beddington South Safer Neighbourhood Team
Crosspoint House SNT Base,
( Telephone: 020 8721 2073
+ Mail: Sutton Police Station
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