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Spring 2019        NEWSLETTER                      ISSUE NO: 43

Welcome to the latest edition of your Newsletter and the

 22nd Year of Springboard being formed!! 

Some Achievement!! ....... so thank you for your support

 over this time!!


Beddington & Wallington Local Committee (BWLC) - meetings September 2018 to March 2019

There is nothing of significance that has arisen that directly affects our area. I will continue to attend/monitor and will report back should anything arise.

Safer Neighbourhood – Wallington North Community Panel Meetings September 2018 to March 2019

1.  There were no specific issues from these meetings relating to our area but the latest figures generally show a large number of thefts from and to motor vehicles as well as drug related incidents. 2.  Burglaries to homes and garages were up so please remain alert and aware and make sure your property is secure.  3.   The Police are undertaking plain clothes proactive policing including stop and search

Treasurer’s Report\Membership

As you will recall from our last Newsletter in Autumn 2018, we proposed to collect the £1 per annum subscription but for a 5-year period in one attempt. To facilitate this, we attached to the Newsletter an envelope addressed to Kit to make payment easier and asked for this to be returned to him adding just your name and address. Unfortunately, this did not have the desired effort and as a consequence our paid-up membership has fallen from 88 households to just 51 signing up for the 5 years, a reduction of 43%.

 If, however you have not paid but wish to remain a member of Springboard can you please drop £5 into Kit at 41 Taylor Road by 1 May 2019. Alternatively you can simply pay in to Springboard’s bank account on-line. Our bank account is with the TSB. The name of our account is Springboard Residents Association. The sort code is 30-99-04. The account number is: 28085368. Please put your name as the reference when you pay on-line so we have a clear idea of all our paid-up members in time for the AGM. Thank you!

 Residents Get Together Party!!  -  23rd JUNE 2019

Again, following on from the last Newsletter, I am pleased to announce that we have arranged for a “Springboard Get Together” on the above date from 2pm – 5pm for all residents in the grounds of Collingwood School if it is dry but inside if it is wet! We feel it would be a great opportunity for all members to meet each other and the Committee and hope you can pop in at some point and stay as long as you want.. Please bring you own food and drink but we will supply tea/coffee/soft drinks and nibbles. An invitation will be delivered to you. When you receive it , please complete the tear off slip and return to Sue at 26 Springfield Rd by 1st June – thank you. We are really looking forward to meeting you all!!!    See you then!

Councillors Drop in Surgery

Councillor’s surgery takes place the first Saturday of every month between 10am -11am at The Trinity Centre Holy Trinity Church Maldon Road Wallington so please pop in if you wish to talk about any issues you have with our Councillors.


Following the resignation of Liberal Democrat Councillor Joyce Melican on health grounds, Barry Lewis Liberal Democrats was elected with 38.24% of the votes ahead of Charlotte Leonard Conservatives at 26.09%. The turnout was 2,717 out of a possible 12,000 (22.5%).

Marston Court Development 98-106 Manor Road (corner of Springfield Rd and Manor Road)

The development of the site has finally commenced after many years of just being a derelict plot of land with the build time expected to run for 65 weeks until approx. June 2020. The occupation and design of the building has changed somewhat from the original application and will now be 5 storeys of flats with the ground floor being used as a car park.

In order to facilitate new utility connections from the new construction site the Council intends to make a Temporary Traffic Management Order. The Order will temporarily introduce 'at any time' no parking/waiting and loading restrictions in Springfield Road (on both sides) from its junction with Manor Road to the entrance of Denmore Court.

The Order will come into effect Monday 1 April 2019 and the restrictions will be removed once the works are complete.  Copies of the draft Order, Public Notice of Intent and TM plan can be viewed by selecting the link T11173/S345 Springfield Road If you require further   information please email networkmanagement@sutton.gov.uk and cc streetworks@sutton.gov.uk

 Custodial Suite at Sutton Police Station

Some of the Committee were concerned over the closure of the Sutton Custody Suite and a summary of the reply received is as follows: 

“The decision to cease the use of this suite in January was taken after a detailed analysis of custody suites and the demands placed on them over several months with the effectiveness and efficiency of our custody service is not only maintained but optimized to manage and flex in accordance with changes in demand. In line with other changes to the Met structures this allowed us to move away from a model where custody was devolved to each Borough to a more focussed, pan-London custody capability provided by a distinct and dedicated plan.

There have been further changes which have impacted on the use of custody and the demand for custody services. The number of detainees in custody has declined, with numbers falling by c150,000 since 2008. This is in part as a result of the increased use of alternatives to custody  The reduction in demand for custody and increasing demand for non-custodial options has caused us to look again at our custody footprint and whether it remains efficient and effective. 


This has been on a clear principle that any adjustments are agile and flexible enough to manage any future increase in arrests, either in the short term or the long term. Our key priority is tackling violence and we recognise that a proactive response may precipitate an increase in the demand for custody services”.


What this means is that the suite at Sutton is paused rather than closed. If there is a need across London to open custody spaces as a result of increasing demand this can be achieved at short notice. We are pleased that its provision has not been fully taken away but will be available as when it may be required in the future.

Crosspoint House Stafford Rd Wallington

This currently is the home of the Police and due to the lease expiring and cost to renew, the service will return to Sutton Police Station and although said to be a “temporary measure” (but with no definition) we will lose the availability of the PCSO’s to respond immediately to any emergency.


It will mean without offices in Wallington it will mean Officers will have to catching buses to Wallington and Beddington when transport is not available from the police station at Sutton. We have written to the police asking them to reconsider and many of you we contacted electronically will know we have asked you to submit letters requesting a rethink.


At the time of this Newsletter being prepared, we were unaware of the outcome but will be able to provide a progress report at the AGM with the police in attendance.


Illegal entry to cars.

On Saturday 30th March 2019 in the morning between 1am – 3am two people were walking along Springfield Rd and Clarence Road trying all door handles on cars whether parked in the road or on residents’ drives. One of these people were apprehended and the matter is now in the hands of the police. 

Parking Consultation across the whole of Sutton.

The Councils Parking Strategy is making its way across the Borough. Most of Wallington North has yet to begin the process of discussing future arrangements for parking in our roads but we are keeping a very close eye on proceedings and will let all know more as soon as we do.

I have recently spoken to our Councillors who advise me that this process will not hit our area until much later in this year. This is a consultation process with each area being able to consider their own needs with no overarching plans for any part of the Borough as all our needs will be different depending upon where you live.

A resident from the St Helier area, Sandra Ackland, will be issuing some form of leaflet that she intends to deliver to all residents of Sutton but please be aware this it not factually correct so please do not worry as all your thoughts and concerns will be taking into account and I will be taking an active role to ensure this happens.

I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM and the Residents Get Together Party!!

Kind Regards

Keith Knight

Chair, Springboard Residents’ Association