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Autumn 2019   NEWSLETTER            ISSUE 44

Welcome to the latest edition of your Newsletter and to the

 22nd Year of Springboard being formed!! 

Some Achievement!! ....... thank you for your support

 over this time!!


 We are posting details of all meetings on the website as they happen which can be viewed on “springboard-news.com” as can this Newsletter. This is therefore a summary of those meetings and other issues.

Beddington & Wallington Local Committee (BWLC) - meetings September 2018 to March 2019

Nothing of significance has arisen that directly affects our area EXCEPT of course the Sutton LBC PARKING STRATEGY and I will be devoting the majority of this Newsletter to this subject.

 Safer Neighbourhood – Wallington North Community Panel Meetings March 2019 to October 2019

 There has been a spate of incidents in our area recently involving people trying car doors and house front doors so please check and double check all are locked and remain vigilant for your property and that of your neighbours during both the day time and night time.

 Treasurer’s Report\Membership

 We are still having difficulty in collecting the £5 representing membership covering 5 years so if you have yet to, but would like to pay your members fee to remain a member of Springboard, then please put your money in an envelope showing your name and address and put it through the letter box of  Kit that’s at No 41 Taylor Road.

We had over 100 members but to date only 50% have paid to renew their membership over the past two years!

 Residents Get Together Party!! 

 Unfortunately, due to lack of support, with only a small handful of confirmation slips being returned, we had to cancel the Garden Party planned for 23 June 2019 but a suggestion was made at the last Committee meeting to hold a “Springboard Spring Clean Day” of our area and/or a “VE Celebration Day” get together.

If you have any thoughts on this or would like to be involved please contact Sue at 26 Springfield Road.

 Neighbourhood Watch Association

 I will be trying to resurrect the membership of this as I am now the Street Coordinator for Springfield Road and hopefully will be able to drop all residents a note shortly asking for their support and explaining the ideas I have to make this a more efficient service to report crime and be notified immediately there is a issue in our road.

 Councillors Drop in Surgery

 Councillor’s surgery takes place the first Saturday of every month between 10am -11am at The Trinity Centre Holy Trinity Church Maldon Road Wallington so please pop in if you wish to talk about any issues you have with our Councillors.

 Crosspoint House Stafford Rd Wallington

 The Police moved out earlier this year and now reside in Suttons Police Station where they remain with no progress being made on finding alternative premises in Wallington!!

Illegal entry to cars.

This continues to be a problem so please make sure your vehicles and fully secured at all times.

Parking over dropped kerbs.

The new operator enforcing obstructive parking over dropped kerbs is “Saba” formally Indigo. Call 02086610096 for enforcement,

Parking Consultation across the whole of Sutton.

Leaflets were delivered to all residents by the Council with advice being given as to how to make your thoughts known either on line or by a hard copy, that was available at the local library.

We issued notification to all members of Springboard that a meeting had been arranged to discuss all options and all were invited to attend to air their views so that we could gauge the overall feeling and report back to the Council on behalf of our members. 

 The leaflet gave 4 options which are summarised as follows

1.      do nothing – leave it as it is.

2.      implement a “Controlled Parking Zone”. All road space is managed by the introduction of parking controls by means of single yellow lines with specified parking bays being marked. This would result in yellow lines being placed over your drop kerbs so you would no longer be able to park over your own drive. This is all controlled by parking permits which are charged for. The operational times are indicated on signs as you enter the zone.

3.    Implement a “Permit Parking Area”. This method restricts parking for the whole area for a specified time (e.g. no parking between 10am-12) but residents who purchase a permit can park anywhere during the restricted time. Bays are not marked in the road and residents will be allowed to park anywhere irrespective of the restricted time and continue to park over their drop kerb providing their vehicle is showing a valid permit.

4.  Implement a “Free Bay “Scheme. This will look very similar to Number 2 above with the streets being marked with single/double yellow lines and parking bays. However, there will be no need to purchase a permit to park in the marked bays and vehicles can remain for as long as they wish here in these “free bays” as there will be no time restriction imposed. 

     The yellow line operating times in a scheme of this nature will generally operate for only an hour on all weekdays. The disadvantage of a free bay scheme is that residents will have to compete with others for the parking bays and residents will again not be able to park over their drop kerbs. There is no permit with this option.

After a very healthy debate with numerous questions, a vote was held that showed 85% of residents supported OPTION 1 and this has now been communicated to the Council and Councillors.

This is a consultation process with each area of the Borough being able to consider their own needs with no overarching plans for any part of the Borough, as all needs will be different depending upon where you live! The “Permit Parking Area” option has already been installed in parts of St Helier, Carshalton, and Hackbridge.

The next stage for us is a further 6-week consultation after the results have been analysed which will lead to morning and afternoon sessions being arranged. The final stage is to implement these with traffic orders. More details can be found at  https://www.sutton.gov.uk/parkingstrategy.

I hope you find this summary of the Parking Strategy, what is a detailed and lengthy proposal, to be of assistance.

Oh and by the way let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas !!


Keith Knight

Chair, Springboard Residents’ Association