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AUTUMN 2017               NEWSLETTER           ISSUE NO: 40

Welcome to the latest edition of your Newsletter.

 As you know we are posting details of all meetings on the website as they happen which can be viewed on “springboard-news.com” as can this Newsletter. This is therefore a summary of these meetings and other issues. Paper copies of the Newsletter will still be delivered where this has been requested.

 AGM 2017

I am pleased to report that this meeting in April was supported by 32 members where Daniel Elkeles Chief Executive of the Epsom/St Helier Trust – gave an informative overview of the future plans for the Trust and specifically St Helier hospital. 

 Here is a summary of the main points raised at the meeting;

 a.       Concerns raised over the lack and deterioration of the yellow lines on Park Lane and at the end of Springfield Road – This has been raised with the council

b.      KR continues to struggle with Network Rail with regards to vegetation and general unsightliness of the back lane from Wallington Station – Saga to continue.

c.       Membership fees:  It was agreed that membership fees would be set at £1 per household for 4 years.  KR agreed to walk the streets covered by the residents association inviting new members between now and the next AGM.  Encouraging residents to take advantage of our website at the same time.

d.      The question of parents’ inconsiderate parking when dropping off or collecting their children from Collingwood and was raised and as a result traffic wardens have been carrying out visits at the appropriate time and hope this achieves the desired result.

Update on outstanding points:


Peter had a very constructive meeting with Shell's Territory Manager, South. As an outcome of the meeting a proposal will be put forward by the Shell Regional Manager to install number plate recognition technology (at Shell's cost) that would capture the number plates of those driving away without paying. 

The information captured on this system would then be held on a database which would in turn alert Shell stations NOT to serve that customer on any of its stations in the future. This data would also be made available to the DVLA.

 Beddington & Wallington Local Committee (BWLC) - extracts from the meetings held up to September 2017

There is nothing of significance that has arisen that directly affects our area. I will continue to attend/monitor and will report back should anything arise.

Safer Neighbourhood – Wallington North Community Panel Meeting May 2017 to September 2017

The only point from these meetings relating to our area was that The Star PH has reported no incidents and the CURRENT PROMISE is relating to Pedestrian and Road Safety in Acre Lane

Councillors' Drop-in Surgery

Councillor’s surgery takes place the first Saturday of every month between 10am -11am at The Trinity Centre Holy Trinity Church Maldon Road Wallington so please pop in if you wish to talk about any issues you have with our Councillors.


Although mentioned previously in earlier Newsletters I feel it is worth mentioning again:

As most modern cars have automatic locking controlled by your key fob or by touch, please check v before leaving that your car has been locked as it is very easy to touch your fob when putting it away and unsetting the locks. Criminals are known to walk down roads trying handlers and it is surprising just how many cars are left unlocked. Do not add to the statistics!!



Very sadly Robert passed away earlier this year. Robert served on the committee for a number of years and we send Jill our sincere condolences.


This is becoming unacceptable the amount of times throughout the year and the number of posters that are spoiling Wallington!!  The circus/fairs are the worst and advertise at least 4 times a year plastering all railings, vacant shop windows and any wall they can find with their posters.  I have raised this with the Council and a meeting is to be arranged with the appropriate departments to which I will be attending.


PC Dudas 128ZT Dedicated Ward Officer for Beddington South Safer Neighbourhood Team is trying to get a Volunteer Community Speedwatch up and running for the Borough of Sutton, The basic idea is that there is one or two members of the community will be the  Coordinators.

 The Coordinators will be able to organise a time and date with a few of the volunteers in their area and collect a speed gun from Sutton Police Station and will then go to a location that has been risk assessed by the police.

The group will then spend an hour or so (or however long they have that day) watching the cars

with the speed camera and noting down the speeds/times/vehicle make/model/registration number etc. etc.

 The Coordinator will then feedback a list of the offending vehicles to the police and a warning letters system can be used for the drivers of the vehicles which are doing over a certain percentage of the speed limit.

 There will be training given by us for use of the camera and the process etc. We are still working out the details of how it might work, so at the moment we are just trying to get volunteers together and especially any volunteers who think they may be able to take on the role of a Coordinator.

 Is anybody is interested, please contact PC Dudas on Telephone: 020 87212073 or 

 Email: josephine.dudas@met.pnn.police.uk or Mail: Sutton Police Station  6 Carshalton RoadSutton SM1 4RF.



If you are considering joining our local Neighbourhood Watch, you can now submit an application directly through the Sutton group website.

 To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch go to the website www.suttonneighbourhoodwatch.co.uk.  To join, click on ‘Join Us’ on the top left of the home page. Scroll down the page, fill in your details on the form & click on ‘submit’.

 You will then receive a welcome pack.  As always, it costs nothing, and the purpose & benefits of membership are described on the website. Thanks to Barry Nelson (Neighbourhood Watch Ward Coordinator for Wallington North Ward).

 Regards and all the best

 Keith Knight

Chairman, Springboard Residents’ Association