Springboard Residents' Association - a local voice for our local community!

 Who are we?

We are a small, non-political and independant residents' association that attempts to channel the concerns of local residents in the streets that we look after to members (principally) of local government groups, the Police and other community based organisations.

We have a small (entirely voluntary) commitee headed by Keith Knight (the Chairman) which meets every three months and through an open Annual General Meeting (usually held either in March or April) to which everyone is welcome

Why are we here?

Because otherwise we might have little influence over the plans and other events that impact the neighbourhood. We live here and the investment we have in our property, in addition to our general quality of life, is important to us and our families.

Who listens?

Surprisingly, quite a few people. Keith Knight represents the Residents' Association on a number of key local government and police committees as a special advisor and makes sure that our voice is heard

What can you do?

Join us if you have not already done so (it just costs a £1 a year!). Keep in touch with us.  If you are able to give up a small amount of time then think about coming onto the commitee. Get involved if you can

What's next?

We intend to remain as we are but would like to establish links to other Residents' Associations to give us all a bigger voice. After all, 1 + 1 really can = 3!

If you would like to have any further information about Springboard then please contact Peter Atkinson (the Secretary of the Association) at any time.