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Hi everyone

Happy New Year. Fingers crossed that 2018 will be a positive twelve months in which more people recognise that life in this area locally and this country in general is pretty good compared to so many others and we start to appreciate what we have a little more! 

After all, we have a great local Police service, an outstanding NHS Trust that provides brilliant service in spite of those who insist on abusing it (and sometimes the staff who work there!), great parks that are kept superbly, a terrific amenity in Westcroft, a library service committed to everyone, wonderful schools and so much more. If we could stop those who insist on complaining and encourage them to consider what they have wouldn't life be so much better!
Aside from the occasional idiot and thief who causes us harm (and we still have some of those unfortunately!) the biggest bugbear right now is the litter, rubbish and other detritus that carpets our streets, parks, rail sidings and gardens. It's unpleasant, unsightly and unhealthy.

So we have started the new year by trying to get Niall Bolger (Sutton Council's Chief Executive) to take take notice of the escalating problem and are about to have a go at Network Rail.

It's careless, thoughtless and lazy people (in the main) who cause the problem; but then it is up to the rest of us to take action to put it right by educating children, prod shopkeepers and people who over-fill rubbish bins, persuade rubbish collectors not to leave a trail of rubbish behind the rubbish carts, householders to pick up the detritus in their gardens etc. to take more care of our environment. It's not hard to do so let's all have a go!

All the best - Keith Knight
Chairman - Springboard Residents' Association