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There will be an Open Garden event on 14/7/18

 at 45 Grosvenor Gardens Wallington. You are

 very welcome to come along!  


Neighbourhood Watch are looking a new local representative.  If you would

 like to know more please check "crime alerts" on this web site for more



The Residents' AGM was held on the 30th April - well attended and highlighted by Mark Dalzell, head of Sutton Council's waste management, parks and street cleansing. Mark gave a terrific presentation of the vast range of services for which his team is responsible (did you know that Sutton has over 80 parks!!). 

There is no doubt that huge efforts are being made by Mark's team and a host of volunteers to maintain the reputation of Sutton as a "green borough". We are fortunate to be living here in spite of the frustrations caused by ever increasing traffic and the all pervasive rubbish. 

We can all our bit to minimise the latter by (a) reporting fly-tipping to the Council (b) not over-filing bins (c) keeping food containers away from the foxes and (d) nagging companies like Kwik-Fit and Network Rail to clear away the rubbish on their sites!

........ and with that in mind:


Our battle to persuade Network Rail to clear away their rubbish goes on ...... and ...... on

-  If you see people painting Graffiti please tell the Police (unless it is a Banski!) - we have!

-  Make sure your bins do not over-flow - it just invites foxes, rats and other vermin.

-  If you are a shop-keeper, please clear all the rubbish in the front and rear of your premises.

Other bits and pieces:

-  The new housing / office developments in and around Sutton are gathering pace - excellent!

-  We are still in a low crime area relative to the rest of London  - well done our local Police force.

-  However, cars are still travelling far too fast down Springfield Road. Speed monitors needed!

-  The Royal Wedding is in May - do you want to help organise a street party?

-  The Fox and Hounds (Carshalton High Street) soon to be a new block of flats?

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